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The most numerous types registered at the [1970 EAA] Convention were the Pitts Special and the Tailwind. Biplanes were everywhere - out of the 281 homebuilts on hand, 84 had at least two wings.
(Jack Cox)
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Customer Testimonials

"The Skybolt is a better airplane all around..."

"[The Skybolt has] excellent roll rate and good control balance... It was in slow flight that I came to appreciate the airplane... Aerobatics were excellent, what really impressed me was the vertical performance, almost 1000 ft with more than enough time for a vertical roll... The Skybolt lands slow and easy with little tendency to swerve... How does the Skybolt compare with other aerobatic biplanes? The Skybolt is a better airplane all around. It has much better slow speed characteristics and it is truly easy to land. The Skybolt has twice the roll rate of the Decathlon, Starduster II or Great Lakes and you don't give yourself a hernia to get it."

by John Conrad
Sport Pilot, December 1989


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James Shoenberger's S1-C / S1-SS project
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James Shoenberger's Pitts S1-C

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