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The great bird will take its first flight... filling the world with amazement and all records with its fame, and it will bring eternal glory to the nest where it was born.
(Leonardo da Vinci)
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Customer Testimonials
Hear what others say about us!

Steen Aero Lab takes great pride in in the quality of our products and services. We frequently get feedback from customers about our airplanes, and also the outstanding quality of product and service they have received from us. We are pleased to share some of these comments with you.

If you would like to comment on your experience with us or our airplanes, please feel free to let us know!

   "(The Skybolt is) one of the most beautiful airplanes that I have ever seen" John Gosney Sport Aviation, July 1972
   "The Skybolt snaps faster than a Pitts S-2 and even better than that it stops where you want it..." Budd Davisson Sport Flying, October 1977
   "I found the Skybolt to be a very straightforward aircraft..." Jim Holland Airshow pilot and WWII fighter pilot
   "Aerobatics in the Skybolt are just about equal to the Pitts S-2." Michael O'Leary Sport Flying, August 1979
   "The Skybolt is a strong powerful design, capable of sportsman and intermediate competition and a whole lot of fun in general flying." Leroy Cook Kitplanes, February 1988
   "The Skybolt is a better airplane all around..." John Conrad Sport Pilot, December 1989
   "That first solo in the Spitfire IV can only be equaled by my Skybolt's first flight in May of 1978." Roy Schenek (WWII Spitfire pilot) Kitplanes, February 1992
   "Aerobatics is what the Skybolt is all about..." Dick Blair Skybolt and Eagle airshow pilot
   "The 260hp fixed-pitch Skybolt climbs as fast as my Pitts S1..." Dwight Cross S-1 airshow pilot
   "The Skybolt has been a good airshow performer for me..." Scotty Jergenson Learjet test pilot and airshow performer
   "The Skybolt is easier to land, more suited to cross country flights and can perform the type of comfortable aerobatics that I want to fly." Ivan Davison South Africa
   "I've flown Skybolts from 150hp through 360hp and all have the same delightful feel..." Dennis Sawyer Advanced aerobatic competitor and builder
   "The Skybolt is a great airplane with no nasty habits and is very easy to fly..." Don Downie Kitplanes, July 1992
   "[The Skybolt] is probably the best combination sport/acro plane and will accomodate pilots of all sizes..." Budd Davisson Private Pilot, August 1993
   "All designs aren't created equal..." Ron Wanttaja Kitplanes, October 1993
   "The inside of Steen Aero Lab's Skybolt wings make a builder wish they didn't have to be hidden under cover, they are such works of art..." Budd Davisson EAA Experimenter, November 1994
   "The Extra 300 and Skybolt 300 have similar performance." Randy Harris Bearfeat Aerobatics performer
   "Joseph Flood reports that his 180hp Skybolt takes off in 400ft at 65mph..." Howard Levy Kitplanes, November 1995
   "The Skybolt performed flawlessly..." John Turgyan Kitplanes, September 1996
   "Your materials kit is a better value than I was anticipating..." Joe Roberson Georgia
   "The quality of materials is excellent as is the attention to detail..." Jim Wilson Richardson, TX
   "Really happy with your wing kit and prompt delivery." Jim Simmons Cheshire, CT
   "The information pack is great." Don Luke Cresthill, IL
   "I like the tone of your info packet as well as the information contained..." Alan Hammond Redstone Arsenal, AL
   "Thank you for your speedy response. My complements on an extremely well presented brochure - Thanks!" Ivan Davison South Africa
   "Thanks for a great information packet. It's a real confidence builder knowing I can expect prompt professional service at good prices." Quinn Martin Los Angeles, CA
   "I am very pleased and will highly recommend the kit for anyone interested in building a Skybolt..." Dean Holt Pennsylvania
   "Thanks for the wing kit and super support. N777JW has 31 hours on the tachometer." Jim Wilson Richardson, TX
   "I have been trading off various designs and keep coming back to the Skybolt..." Daniel Sapiro California
   "It was great to receive your information so quickly. Your company is very professional and your product excellent." Ernani Nunes Brazil
   "I am impressed with the Skybolt, you and your company..." Andrew Holoubek California
   "Thought you'd like to know that I was very pleased with the quality of the fittings I purchased. The workmanship was really first class!" Gavin Monson Ohio
   "Just received your shipment of axle spacers, hardware kit and complete win fittings kit and am very pleased. Things are going well." Greg Parker Ohio
   "We decided on the Skybolt not just because it's a good looking bird, but because we felt we could get the best technical and product support." Ray Romoth Colorado
   "My Skybolt won an award for Outstanding Workmanship from EAA at Oshkosh in the plans built category. My sincere thanks for all your support throughout the project." Jim Simmons Cheshire, CT
   "Steen Aero Lab is a no-nonsense operation totally committed to their business and the Skybolt airplane..." Hon. Dudley Bowen District Court Judge, Georgia
   "I was overwhelmed and thrilled. I can't believe it. The work you have done is very very good..." Andreas Kranz Germany
   "Everything is perfect and no one could have done it better. I'll try to finish the plane the same way..." Rolf Caye Germany
   "Great wing kit, Thanks!" Gary Moseley Colorado
   "The degree of professionalism displayed by your company makes my decision much easier..." David Cromer USAF
   "Your wing kits are great!..." John LaBelle New Hampshire
   "Really like the quality of your router cut parts and am very happy with your product." Tom Kozura Oklahoma
   "Thanks for your great support in building the Skybolt..." Rolf Caye Germany
   "The landing gear is great, some things are better left for the pro's..." Denis Tomicki Canada
   "I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the quality of all your work and parts." Tom Kozura Oklahoma
   "My wing kit arrived when promised and the workmanship is immaculate..." Mike Anguilo Redmond, Washington
   "We need to be reminded that good companies like Steen Aero Lab exist to support experimental aircraft builders..." Bob Wampler Oregon (in 4/99 letter to the editor)
   "I have found your parts to be reasonably priced especially considering the high quality. I have yet to be disappointed with anything you've supplied!..." Gavin Monson Ohio
   "Can't thank you enough for all the support, time and help you provided..." Ed Curtis Arizona
   "The construction was of high quality..." Frank Bennett Colorado
   "Handling qualities were adequate for all unlimited category aerobatic maneuvers with no vices being evident..." Experimental Aircraft Association of Canada Technical Committee, 1977 Experimental Aircraft Association of Canada
   "The Skybolt gives near Pitts-like aerobatic handling..." Budd Davisson Sport Aviation, Jan. 2000, p. 29
   "" Paul Lupton Sport Aviation, January 1985
   "The competition cannot hold a candle to your operation and support..." Gary Bonnell Skybolt Builder
   "As always, I could always count on you to respond quickly to my questions..." Jim Winebarger Grandy, NC
   "We love it." Glenn S. Thompson Gisborne, New Zealand
   "I have only one problem -- I'm not sure whether to be more impressed with your workmanship or your integrity!" Mike Angiulo Redmond, Washington
   "All I can say is wow..." Mike Angiulo Redmond, Washington
   "I appreciate your effort..." Otto Wagner
   "It is an amazing biplane, very nice for aerobatics, and quite stable for a biplane." Ralph E. Schenck MD Portland, IN
   "All in all I am extremely happy with the product and the support I am getting..." John Gadzinski Skybolt builder
   "I have owned my Skybolt for 7 months and have about 55 hours in it now... and LOVE it!" LCDR Kurt W. Muller, USN
   "Once again, I am ever so pleased to pick the Skybolt as my first project, and so pleased at the quality support that Steen Aero provides..." Wendel Doubleday Skybolt builder
   "It is a dream to fly, handles very positively, climbs like a rocket, lands very easily..." Don Humphreys
   "I have found the plane to be the most exciting and fun plane that I have ever flown." William Mitchell Skybolt Owner
   "That's the great thing about a Skybolt - it can encompass broader desires than any other type..." Randy Harris Skybolt 300 demo pilot, Bearfeat Aerobatics & Team Chaos

"Thanks for a great information packet. It's a real confidence builder knowing I can expect prompt professional service at good prices."
- Quinn Martin, Los Angeles, CA

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