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If you aren't fully flying the airplane at every moment from engine start to shutdown, you are just a passenger along for the ride.
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Website History
Significant changes to Steen's Website

This page lists the significant changes and updates we've made to this website.

2004   December 29    Added new items to the Online Store: Pitts S1 Construction Photo CD-ROM, Drag/Anti-Dag Wire Lugs, Tail Wire Tabs
  November 15    Added an entry to the Event Reports section with photos of the Ozark Pitts Fly-In.
  November 2    The Online Store is live!
  October 27    We have added a new entry to the Pitts 14 Project Log section as well as updated the Biplane Lore area. We have also enhanced user's ability to contact site contributors via a web form.
  October 14    Recently we have added several new Articles and a new Project Gallery entry for Harley Jetzer's great Knight Twister model.
  October 1    Added the video of the Pitts Special's first flight in 1945.
  July 23    Check the Event Reports section for coverage of EAA AirVenture 2004, live from Oshkosh!
  April 8    Posted the Pitts Model 14 Project Log section as well as the new Event Reports section
  February 23    Added many new Skybolt, Pitts, and Knight Twister Articles in the past couple of weeks.
  January 16    Added extensive lists of old and historical articles (to be scanned in as time allows) as the Unposted Articles page.
  January 10    Added many new articles, especially in the Knight Twister Section.
2003   December 16    Added new 1938 3-view for Knight Twister KTD-2 (from Air Trails article)
  September 25    Added more articles as well as created a Scale Model information section.
  August 21    Projects were added to the Project Gallery for Austin Fox, Mike Angiulo, Mike Townsley, and Pete and Mary Zumwalt.
  August 13    New Projects were added to the Project Gallery, new Articles were posted, more Builder FAQ items were added, and a website updates listing was created.
  July 28    New Steen Aero Lab website launched!!!

"I have only one problem -- I'm not sure whether to be more impressed with your workmanship or your integrity!"
- Mike Angiulo, Redmond, Washington

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