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Project Log
Aircraft Construction - Pitts 14 Prototype

Construction Begins
Pitts 14 Prototype
Created: 12/10/2003
Updated: 04/07/2004
Link(s): N/A
Article by Mike Whaley
Construction begins on the Pitts 14 prototype in early May 2003. Curtis came to the shop for a week as his Model 14 drawings became structure for the first time. Jigs were completed for the fuselage side sub-assemblies and tail surfaces. Tubing nibbler pattern templates were completed for all tubes in the fuselage. The fuselage sides were tack welded together. The Model 14 prototype was under way....

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Curtis smiles for the camera as we begin the initial prototype construction of the Pitts Model 14. Curtis has been designing best-of-breed aerobatic biplanes for more than 60 years.  
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The fuselage side frame subassemblies are laid out on a jig built on a flat baseboard, similar to many other tube-built aircraft. Hardwood blocks are cut in quantity and pre-drilled in advance for the screws which will anchor them to the baseboard. The blocks locate each tube in the side structure and allow the frame subassembly to be tack welded.  
Click to view full image
There are lots of little details at this early stage. Paul Goetsch lays the foundation of the Model 14 fuselage. The starboard and port sides are identical and use the same jig.  

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     Wing-Root Fairings, Fuselage Skin Panels, and Upper Wing    February 2004
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