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When auto-pilot is engaged one pilot must be strapped in his seat.
(Vickers Viscount cockpit placard)
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Project Logs

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Title/SubTitle Date Updated
  Construction of the Pitts Model 14 prototype.   
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           Construction Begins     May 2003   04-07-04
           Fuselage Basic Structure     June 2003   04-08-04
           Fuselage Basic Structure Completed, Engine Arrives, Steve Culp Helps Out     July 2003   04-08-04
           Pitts Model 14 Introduced at Oshkosh     4th week of July 2003   04-08-04
           Curtis Visits to Continue the Design, Wing Construction Begins     August 2003   05-10-04
           Wing Construction Underway     September 2003   04-08-04
           Lower Wing Basic Construction     October 2003   04-08-04
           Lower Wing Details and First Fuselage Formers     November 2003   05-05-04
           Fuselage Formers, Skin and Wing Details     December 2003   04-08-04
           Fuselage Side Panels and Upper Wing Construction     January 2004   04-08-04
           Wing-Root Fairings, Fuselage Skin Panels, and Upper Wing     February 2004   06-25-04
           Fuselage Side Panels, Wing Rigging, Engine Arrives     March 2004   10-27-04
           Sun N 'Fun 2004     April 2004   10-27-04
           Summer 2004 Status Update     May 2004   11-18-05
           Aluminum Turtledeck     1st week of June 2004   11-18-05
           Sheet Metal Work, AirVenture     4th week of June 2004   11-18-05
           Adjustable Seats, Part 1     August 2004   11-18-05
           Adjustable Seats, Part 2     December 2004   11-18-05
           Throttle Quadrant     December 2004   11-18-05
           Wings     December 2004   11-18-05
           Spring 2005     March 2005   11-18-05

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