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Aviation is not so much a profession as it is a disease.
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There are many great resources on the web to help you with your project. Here are some of the websites that we enjoy and think that you may find helpful as well.

If you have or know of a website that you think belongs here, please contact us so we can check it out!

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These links were last updated on 03/19/07


    Training for taildraggers, aerobatics, etc.
  Budd Davisson's Pitts Training top
    Well-known author, and Pitts expert Budd Davisson has 30+ years of experience (obsession is more like it) with the Pitts Special, and will be happy to teach you to become proficient with the flying and ground handling of the Pitts aircraft. "If you don't fall in love with the Pitts, we aren't doing our job," he says. He trains for all models of the Pitts, as well as for the Skybolt and other high-performance taildraggers. Budd provides aerobatics training as well. They even have a Bed & Breakfast to stay at while you're there... what a deal!

  Aviat - Pitts and Husky Certified Aircraft top
    Home of the certified family of Pitts Aircraft, Aviat provides sales, parts and shop services for these aircraft, as well as for the excellent Husky utility aircraft, bushplane and floatplane.

  Jim Kimball Enterprises top
    A world-class restoration services facility. Home of the great Pitts Model 12 biplane, and the McCollocoupe, Raptor AS, and DR-109 monoplanes.

  Gesoco Industries - M14P & Yakolev Sales & Services top
    George Coy is the premier importer of Eastern Bloc engines and aircraft, particularly M14s and cousins, and westernized Yaks. Gesoco provides engines, parts and services. George was the inspiration behind the tail-draggin' Yak, and also the electric-start system for the M14.

    Aviation-positive organizations
  The Biplane Forum top
    This is a great biplane info forum that is "A melting pot for expert and aspiring builders alike."

  The Biplane Hangar top
    A spirited forum and newsgroup dedicated to biplanes in general. The moderator is Bret Wills, Skybolt builder and commercial photographer extraordinaire.

  EAA - Experimental Aircraft Association top
    The EAA is largely responsible for the success of sport aviation and homebuilt aircraft today. They are an invaluable resource for anyone who is building an aircraft, is interested in homebuilt and experimental aircraft, or sport flying in general. There are EAA chapters in virtually every town in America (many towns have more than one) where you will find much help, advice, and friendship to help you succeed in building your dream aircraft. We highly recommend supporting EAA!

  IAC - International Aerobatics Club Official Website top
    IAC Home - Lots of good information and resources.

  American Aerobatics Association top
    AAA is a relatively new, grass-roots organization that focuses on the fun of recreational aerobatics, with the emphasis being on friendship, comradery, and information rather than high-level competition. Membership is free and activities are member-driven. Check it out!

  Aerobatics Server top
    A compilation of pages from IAC members. A good clearinghouse and search engine.

  General Aviation Serving America top
    A great website that explains in plain language why General Aviation is so critically important to our communities, our country, and our world. It also provides clear and well-supported answers to such often-asked questions as "is it safe?"... and did you know that GA provides our country as much revenue as the petroleum industry? If you are not already involved in aviation, or if you are but are frustrated by the lack of understanding from the people you meet (or are sick of all the completely incorrect, sensationalized false reporting about GA in the news media) you should definitely check out this website to help answer the questions.

  AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association top
    AOPA is the largest aviation organization in the US, and is a major force in representing general aviation at the federal, state, and local levels to protect the rights of aviators to fly freely. They also do a lot of work to make sure that aviators and ground crews have the latest information they need to operate safely, legally, and enjoy their time flying. They also provide many services to the aviation community. It's always a good idea to check their site before you fly for the latest TFRs, NOTAMs, ADs and other issues relevant to your flight.

  Biplane Class Race Results - Reno Air Racing Association top
    Interested in biplane racing? This neat tool will give you the results (Pilot, speed, placing, notes, penalties, etc.) of biplane races going back to 1964. It's searchable by type, pilot, and airplane name. Pretty neat! (Hint - search for the Parsons Twister)

    Visit the sites of some of our friends
  Budd Davisson's top
    "The man, the myth, the legend" might not be too much of a stretch... our good friend Budd Davisson's ability to communicate the experience of flight has earned renown as one of the premiere aviation authors of our time. The website of "Mr. Pitts Special" has a ton of well-written articles, pilot reports, photos, training information, and other flying stuff on all kinds of aircraft, and he even has some interesting stuff on non-aviation topics. This site is definitely worth checking out!

  Bearhawk Aircraft - AviPro Aircraft, Ltd top
    The four-place Bearhawk by designer Bob Barrows is a study in perfect, pragmatic utility. We can't wait to see this baby on floats. Among other things, it is an absolutely superb STOL bushplane, but don't say that around Budd or he will sternly remind you it is an all-around UTILITY aircraft. Cessna 180's, look out.

  William Wynne - The Corvair Authority top
    Anything related to Corvair powered aviation and William Wynne is The Man. He also is VERY entertaining. Invite him to your EAA Chapter meeting, and a good time is guaranteed for all. (Surprisingly, no animals are injured in the performance of his presentation).

  Flying Tigers Warbird Restoration Museum top
    There are about 25 B-25s flying, and Tom Reilly has restored roughly half of them. He's also done B-24s "All American", B-17s "Nine-o-Nine", Corsairs, Mustangs, T-6/SNJs, you name it. His facility is a hands-on kind of place - this is the real stuff. He is also a completely nice guy. (He bribes us to say that with a little left-seat time in the B-25 now and then).

  American Affordable Aircraft top
    Steve Rahm is a gifted designer and father of the Vision two-place high-performance aircraft in addition to numerous other brilliant designs.

  Liberty Aerospace top
    Liberty Aerospace is the home of the XL2, a technologically advanced 2-place airplane designed by the same team which brought us the outstanding Europa. The XL2 is nearing FAA certification, and will provide a new American-made alternative for individuals, corporations and flight schools. The cost of operation is roughly half that of a PA-28.

  OV-10 Bronco Association and Bronco Museum top
    The OV-10 Bronco Association is a fast-growing, worldwide organization which is dedicated to preserving the rich history of not only the OV-10 Bronco airplane but also the legacy of the many folks who are in any way associated with it. The OBA has completely restored the original OV-10 engineering mockup, which lives at their ever-expanding museum facility in Ft. Worth, TX. They have a big 3-day Bronco bash every couple of years that's a whole lot of fun too. (OK, so the Bronco isn't a biplane, but our webmaster is also the OBA's webmaster and a founding member and he said if we didn't post a link to the OBA he would make this website play obnoxious music until we did).

    Links to vendors and suppliers of materials and tools
  Shapes Group top
    Shapes Group is a sister company to Steen Aero Lab, and produces high-quality, CNC-machined custom parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry. They make custom parts, molds, components, and assemblies for a range of customers, including aircraft companies, kit manufacturers, the US military, governmental organizations, and others. They provide automation service to produce everything from aircraft wood parts to complex aerospace assemblies from exotic materials.

    Folks who perform with Skybolts, Firebolts, or Pitts Specials
  Acromach Sky Dancers top
    The Acromach Sky Dancers in Istanbul are lead by Ali Ismet Öztürk, who has accomplished many "firsts" as a pioneer of aerobatics and private aviation in Turkey. They fly several aircraft, one of which is a unique and very highly modified Pitts Special called the Purple Violet... it was built in part by our own Barrett Brummett. This aircraft has 400hp and world-class performance!

  Steve Culp top
    Our friend Steve is the man behind planes such as the Culp Special (based on the Skybolt) and the MonoCulp. He is also the only guy we know of who can manage to build a batch of Sopwith Pups at once!

  Bearfeat Aerobatics top
    "Every show needs one great biplane act." Randy Harris puts on quite a show with his Skybolt 300, and has performed at Sun 'N Fun, AirVenture, and many other airshows. Randy says that his award-winning Skybolt is "the only air show airplane flying that was built in the living room of a condominium!"

  Team Chaos top
    Skybolt 300 performer Randy Harris (of Bearfeat Aerobatics fame) has moved up to the next level and is currently teamed up with famed aerobatic coach Sergei Boriak (flying a Sukhoi Su-31) and Neal Darnell (driver of the FlashFire JetTruck) to put on a wild, out-of-control airshow with lots of smoke, fire, flash and sizzle both in the air and on the ground under the banner of Team Chaos. Awesome!

    Links to pages about Building Skybolts
  John Nunn's Skybolt Site top
    John has a really nice website chronicling the building of his Skybolt (John is a professional "web guy" and it really shows!) Lots of good photos and info are to be had... highly recommended!

  Homebuilt Homepage - Steen Aircraft Builders Page top has posted a long list of builders of our planes (Skybolts, Pitts, and Knight Twisters) with lots of contact info, engine types, percent complete, etc. A great way to connect with other builders and owners, or to let others know the status of your own project.

  Bret's Skybolt Project top
    Bret is building a skybolt and has photographed and documented the construction process in detail.

  Brad Roberson's Skybolt Project top
    Brad has a great site with information about his Skybolt project. Lots of tips on how he finished many of the details on his project.

  Tony's Skybolt Builders Website top
    This is a good page with details on an in-progress Skybolt project as well as links to other builders, suppliers, etc.

  Seth Fuller's Skybolt Website top
    Seth Fuller is building a variation of the Skybolt, powered by an M14P radial engine. He has some good photos and construction tips, and he also discusses the rationale for doing things a certain way.

  Acro Flyer top
    Vance White has a good website covering not only his beautiful Skybolt, but other airplanes, how-to hints, aerobatics links, and our favorite - complete instructions for building a beer keg mogas transfer tank (no, really...)

Seth Fuller's Modified Skybolt
Click to view: Seth Fuller is building an M14P variant of the Skybolt.
Seth Fuller is building an M14P variant of the Skybolt.

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