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Curse you, Red Baron!!
(Snoopy the World War I Flying Ace)
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Event Report
Event Reports - Sun 'N Fun 2004

Saturday, April 17
Sun 'N Fun 2004
Created: 04/18/2004
Updated: 04/19/2004
Link(s): N/A
Article by Mike Whaley
Saturday... perfect weather, big crowd, balloon glow, night airshow, etc. It's all a blur!

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Another very busy day for crowd control... The show was very well attended this year. We usually bring home a quarter of the calendars and posters, which last us until we print again for the next show. They were all gone yesterday.  
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Jon Berndsen's 250hp Skybolt. Very nice airplane!  
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Paul shows Captain Aaron the ropes. Future WAC champion perhaps?  
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Yeah, yeah... gimme the keys already!  
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This unusual vintage airplane is a Rocket 185.  
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Shark teeth on parade... this rare P-40 Warhawk flew in the afternoon airshow.  
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The T-28 also had teeth. Desined as a secondary trainer, it served as a workhorse ground-attack platform in the Vietnam war. It was deployed by the USAF, Navy, the Ravens, Air America, the Laotian AF and the VNAF.  
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More teeth... with a nasty 30mm GE cannon to back them up.  
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"So ugly it's cute" - a phrase that SeaBee owners hear quite often. There were several others of the type in the amphibian area.  
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The Beriev Be-103 seaplane seats six. An unusual design.  
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This USAF Heritage Flight included an F-86, P-51D, and an F-16.  
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Despite high winds, three ballon teams were able to participate in the balloon glow. This event is the traditional start to the night airshow.  
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Fantasy of Flight's balloon team fires things up.  
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Airshows look quite different at dusk. The Aeroshell Team enters the landing pattern with their signature approach.  
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Steve Oliver puts on a graceful show in the Pepsi Super Chipmunk.  
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Manfred Radius wows the crowd in his Salto sailplane... glider acro is a beautiful thing, and even more so at night.  
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The crowd was entranced by the show.  

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