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No combat ready unit has ever passed inspection. No inspection ready unit has ever passed combat.
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Event Report
Event Reports - Sun 'N Fun 2004

Wednesday, April 14
Sun 'N Fun 2004
Created: 04/14/2004
Updated: 04/16/2004
Link(s): N/A
Article by Mike Whaley
The big story is that it's realllly realllly windy. Otherwise, sunny and cool.

Steady 20kt winds with gusts over 30. No ultralight ops. The wind is pretty much right down the runway at Linder so arrivals are easy... still, no picnic for biplanes taxiing crosswind.

The New Standard is giving rides with comically short takeoff rolls and landing rollouts. It climbs like an elevator in this wind.

We are delighted to meet lots of our friends, old and new, and to meet new builders face-to-face for the first time.

Wednesday night, Tom Reilly, our longtime friend and renowned warbird builder had a presentation in the EAA amphitheater. Lots of interesting stuff about the latest projects. The new B17 is really coming along.


Join us for the Friday Evening BIPLANE COOKOUT

Starting at 6PM Friday Evening

All Are Welcome!!!

We invite Biplane Aficionados of every persuasion to join us for a good time of swapping stories, making friends, and talking about biplanes. These parties have been a lot of fun in the past.

Paul is putting up the burgers, hot dogs, and liquid fuels - just show up as you are and be ready to have some fun!

LOCATION: The cookout will be held at the Steen Aero Lab campsite. We are in four campers in a box structure at the intersection of Laird Blvd and Rocky Rd, right next to the "Tram Pickup Triangle" by where the Fly Mart USED TO BE. Laird is the road between the rear of the display hangars and the "floatplane pond" in the SW corner of the display area. Walk down Laird a hundred yards past the pond towards the campsites, and you're there. We will have a sign up. The campers are right at the start of the bend in Rocky Rd.

We hope to see you there !!

Click to view full image
As the weather improves, the crowd is thickening.  
Click to view full image
The Model 14 is the beloved camel in the Shapes tent...  
Click to view full image
Les Meggars is a Radial Skybolt foundation builder. A select few sets of Skybolt "R" plans have been released to experienced wood, tube & fabric builders who can work with us through the numerous details of first time construction. Things that would be frustrations for a first-time builder are rewarding challanges for these guys.  
Click to view full image
The wind exceeded 20 mph all morning, with higher gusts.  
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A steady stream of visitors stopped in to check out the Model 14 and other stuff.  
Click to view full image
The Model 14 factory prototype is of great interest to folks. The structural work is nearly complete, as is the fuselage skinning. The controls will be wrapped up in a few weeks. Then its on to the systems... oil, fuel, starting air, electrical. We can't wait for first flight.  
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Our friends at Jim Kimball Enterprises are here with a beautiful Pitts Model 12 specifically built for airshow work. It features unique lighting, lots of smoke oil, and many cross-country amenities.  
Click to view full image
The ever-popular Super Cub. This one's a Super Clone.  
Click to view full image
The 400hp LOM engine. The Eastern-Bloc engines are great values. Might be a fit for an aerobatic biplane if it wasn't sooooo darn looooong.  

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If you have any additions or corrections to this item, please let us know.

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