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My heart filled up with pride and love for all those old pilots who flew and protected us in time of war. They are a great group of people who will never grow old -- their hearts are young and they are a breed of their own.
(Patricia Stegmann in Florida Today, 3/10/2005)
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Event Report
Event Reports - EAA AirVenture 2007

Sunday, July 29
EAA AirVenture 2007
Created: 07/18/2007
Updated: 08/01/2007
Link(s): N/A
Article by Mike Whaley
Sunday was the last day of the show, and crowds were fairly light... by early afternoon, most of the visitors were other vendors who hadn't yet had a chance to visit. Sunday afternoon, we started taking down the display and packing the trailer, and Paul was able to get on the road with the bus and trailer by 7 pm. All in all, it was a good year and we did lots of business. The weather was mostly good except for a few rainy spots, and AirVenture reports excellent attendance numbers. It seems that aviation is thriving, and if we can successfully beat back the ogre of user fees, it will continue to thrive. We enjoyed seeing everyone and look forward to doing it all again next year!

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The Steen gang watches in awe as Sean D. Tucker performs in the airshow. It's hard to imagine that someone can fly like he does, but it's for real!  
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Our Oshkosh staff poses for a group shot.  
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Dave begins rolling up some of our banners near the end of the day.  
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Taking down the display sure is easier than setting it up!  
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Just waiting to get everything in the trailer.  
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The kids enjoyed their trip to Oshkosh... someday they'll really appreciate being around planes at this early age!  
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Our friends at ColorEyes sunglasses have now officially changed their company name to VedaloHD, although the technology is the same and we'll continue to offer their awesome sunglasses.  
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MT Propeller had a nice display in Building D as well.  
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Pratt-Whitney had this motorized, moving cutaway of a jet engine on display. Fascinating to watch!  
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You don't see a cutaway Rotax very often.  
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One of the hottest trends at AirVenture this year was the proliferation of Flight Simulators. This one was developed for the US Navy by X-Flight. Quite realistic!  
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Another impressive flight sim. Many sims had seats included which could move.  
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Happy smoke comes from happy cows... wait, that's not how it goes...  
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The C-17 did an impressive demo again on Sunday. This thing is a bit of a hot rod!  
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An unusual combination.... Sreya offers both a large 6-place turboprop design, as well as an all-wood, two-place sport airplane.  
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This is the original Thorp T-211, or Thorpedo. "Grandpa" will be 61 years old in August and still looks great! (I hope I'm still flying a lot at that age...)  
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Another unusual visitor... an F-117 Nighthawk fly-by.  
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The Stealth Fighter is a spooky looking aircraft!  
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The F-22 is replacing the F-117 soon.  
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The Heritage Flight featured the F-22 and P-51.  
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Adam Aircraft had the Adam 500 on display.  
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A light sport aircraft... this category is becoming very, very popular.  
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A rare bird of unique beauty... a replica DH.88 Comet. This plane looks fast even when it's parked.  
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Two beautiful classics. You can see some neat stuff after the show's all over!  
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Comp Air's new turboprop. They're just up the road from us, at the Merritt Island Airport.  
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Old and new...  
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On the other side of the airport, Basler Turbine Conversions has some really interesting "junk" out in their yard, awaiting restoration "someday".  
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The Red Knight T-33 was parked at the Orion FBO on the north side of the field. It looked beautiful in the sunset.  
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The C-17 was buttoned up for the night as well.  
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The last holdout... the final camper in the south camping area.  
Click to view full image
The perfect end to another Oshkosh... a beautiful sunset over the military aircraft ramp .  

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