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Motor cut. Forced landing. Hit cow. Cow died. Scared me.
(Dean Smith, telegraph to his chief)
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Event Report
Event Reports - EAA AirVenture 2007

Friday, July 27
EAA AirVenture 2007
Created: 07/18/2007
Updated: 08/01/2007
Link(s): N/A
Article by Mike Whaley
Friday was a busy day, and unfortunately one that most attendees will remember for all the wrong reasons as a fatal accident occurred during the first part of the daily airshow. While attempting a formation landing after an air race demonstration, Gerald Beck's homebuilt P-51A (the same one that caused such a buzz last year as the first new-build P-51 in 40+ years) collided with the tail of a P-51D "Stang" flown by Bob Odegaard. Beck's Mustang flipped over and landed inverted, and Beck died on impact. Despite serious damage to the tail and rear fuselage and sliding hundreds of feet on the nose, Odegaard was able to get out of his plane on his own. After a couple of hours delay while the accident site was investigated and the wreckage was removed, the airshow continued with an abbreviated aerobatic portion of the show. We extend our condolences to Mr. Beck's family and friends, and if there is anything to be gained after such a tragedy, perhaps it is some comfort to know that he died doing what he loved, in a plane that he had dedicated many years of his life to building.

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Evan gives his seal of approval to the Yellowbird.  
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The Piloti shoes sold briskly... word is really getting around!  
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A customer looks over some of the wooden components we have on display.  
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Dave answers questions in front of our Pitts parts display.  
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One of the most fascinating aircraft at the show is this original DH-4 mail plane.  
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The DH-4 is BIG. It was built in 1919... and a sign on it made sure viewers were aware that it's NOT a replica!  
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Sean Tucker leads "The Collaborators" through a unique 4-plane routine. Their show was excellent and I think over time they just may become an icon of airshow acts.  
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Eric Tucker (yes, Sean's son) wrings out his plane.  
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It's neat to see some new maneuvers.  
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Michael Goulian takes the traditional post-performance "victory lap" down the flight line, to the cheers of many fans.  
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A Sukhoi Su-31taxis out.  
Click to view full image
A flightline volunteer watching the Sukhoi's incredible 90-degree takeoff. I don't know how he keeps from scraping the back edge of the rudder on the pavement when he pulls up!  
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Wheee! That big M14 radial really sounds great in the air.  
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This awesome 1941 Ryan was on display in the Vintage area.  
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Only in the Great White North: a Beaver with antlers.  
Click to view full image
Two different flavors of Stinson Trimotors. These are extremely rare, extremely significant, and extremely beautifully restored. We all owe many thanks to Greg Herrick for his outstanding work to preserve aircraft such as these.  

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If you have any additions or corrections to this item, please let us know.

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