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The biplane, more than any other flying machine, is the personification of the romance of aviation. Its flight through time took off in an era when honor, chivalry and ceremony were a major part of the game. It was a period when you could give a toast to the dead and salute to your enemy -- when heroism and bravery of the highest order were routinely exhibited.
(Bob Shane [Custom Planes, 8/2001])
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Event Report
Event Reports - EAA AirVenture 2006

Sunday, July 30
EAA AirVenture 2006
Created: 07/23/2006
Updated: 08/24/2006
Link(s): N/A
Article by Steen Staff
Sunday started with a bang -- literally -- as we awoke at 6:45am to the sound of intense thunder. Looking at the radar, most of Wisconsin was covered in severe thunderstorms, with many watches and warnings. Fortunately, by the time the show started, the rain had pretty much cleared out, and the cloudiness brought some much-appreciated relief from the intense heat of the past week. Barrett took the Skybolt out to head back home during the morning. He got stuck when the airport was suddenly shut down, however. Everyone was shocked to learn that the closure was due to an accident in which a Grumman Avenger ran over an RV-6 taxiing in front of it, resulting in the death of the passenger in the RV. News like this really hits home, whether or not you know anyone involved... they very well might be someone you were hangar flying with yesterday. It sounds like a simple case of the pilot of a large airplane with very poor forward visibility being unable to see a small airplane in front of him, though the NTSB will certainly figure it all out in painstaking detail. In any case, everyone's thoughts and prayers were with all those involved in this tragic incident... the first fatal accident at Oshkosh in 15 years (except for the plane that went down during landing at the beginning of the week.)

Eventually, the airport was reopened long enough to let Barrett out, and off he went. The airshow then started, including a great demo of the C-17. Overall, it was a slow day (the last day always is) and we packed up toward the end of the day (as did everyone else.) As AirVenture 2006 drew to a close, we felt that it went very well, though the attendance was down a bit from last year, we were quite busy most of the time and it was a good show in all respects. But after a week in the heat (and occasional rain) we certainly were ready to head on home... though Sun 'N Fun is not too far off!

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Lovely weather to start the day with, huh? Actually, it was nice to have a break from the heat, and the rain passed by before the show got going.  
Click to view full image
Packing up... we love Oshkosh, but after a week of it, we're all ready to head home!  
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The new stealth airplane...  
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Barrett takes off for home in the Skybolt. He climbed out faster than just about any other plane we saw during the week.  

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