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The ultimate feeling is when you no longer feel that you are riding in an airplane. You feel like you, yourself, are flying... "I pull back on the stick, I push the power"... becomes, "I'm going that way," and you just, you do whatever it takes to go that way. The airplane literally becomes an extension of your body.
(Lt. Gen. Earl Brown, USAF [Ret.])
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Construction Photos

We will soon be launching an interactive, intuitive construction photo search feature in which you may specify detailed search criteria (down to the particular tubing joint or wing rib) and we will show you all available pictures of the desired area.

Though this search function hasn't yet been released, we are happy to make available to you many photos in our construction photo galleries. (The Pitts S1 gallery alone has well over 1300 construction photos at last count!)

Please enjoy these Construction Photo Galleries:

Below are just a few examples of the photos now available in the galleries above.

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