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Today's Random Article:
    Knight Twister Junior
        Designed by Vernon W. Payne
        SOURCE: Air Trails, 07/1949, Page 34
ABSTRACT: Article about the KT Junior of 1949. Includes 3-View.

We offer a collection of articles from various sources about our airplanes, presented here for your reading enjoyment. If you are looking for even more information, we also offer reprint packages of many articles concerning a particular aircraft we offer, which saves you the hassle of trying to track down numerous magazines as well as provides a good overview from a variety of authors. If you have any items to add or additional information that should be listed here, please let us know!

Good Resources:

Our friends over at the Cozy Builder's group have done the hard work to completely index many Sport Aviation, Experimenter, and Kitplanes magazines, providing an extensive and accurate index (often with added descriptions of photos, etc.) This is a real boon for researching any homebuilt or sport aircraft or topic. They don't provide the articles themselves, but it will help you know exactly where to look. Three cheers to Thomas Decker, Fred Mahan and Owen Strawn for their work on this project!

Searching The Indices:
To find what you're looking for in the index, hit Ctrl-F ("find") in your browser. The best way though is to install a more advanced searching tool. We really like the Google Toolbar, which can highlight and jump to specified text throughout large webpages.

Cozy Builders' Magazine Indices:
  Sport Aviation**:   1950's   1960's   1970's
1980's   1990's
  EAA Experimenter**:   12/86 - 12/98  
  Kitplanes:   1/85 - 12/98  
Please Support These Fine Publications
  Sport Aviation**
EAA Experimenter**
Sport Aerobatics
  AOPA Pilot
Custom Planes
Private Pilot

** A Note Concerning Sport Aviation and Experimenter Magazines:
Early (1950s era) editions of Sport Aviation actually carried the title Experimenter. The EAA lists these magazines as Sport Aviation, even though the magazines themselves (and the footers of the articles) bear the name Experimenter. EAA Experimenter was re-launched as a separate publication many years later. Articles published in these early editions of Sport Aviation (Experimenter) may be listed under either name here, though articles we scan will usually be listed by the name actually printed on the magazine.

Want More Articles?

We have a growing list of the articles which we haven't yet been able to scan and post here. This is essentially a list of every article we know about concerning our aircraft, except for the ones already posted below.

Unposted Articles page

Last articles update: 11/06/2006 12:05 PM

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   Boltin' Skybolt
   A round engine gives this Skybolt character
  Sport Aviation     12/2002     Budd Davisson       11-06-2006
   Bolt From The Blue
   Steen Skybolt G-BVXE - 1998 Air Squadron Trophy winner
  Popular Flying     11/12 1998     Ed Hicks       09-21-2004
   The Boss' Toy
   Hale Wallace's Skybolt
  Sport Aviation     06/1998     Budd Davisson       11-06-2006
   Skybolt Savvy
   The third time is also a charm for Henry Pierce.
  Kitplanes     01/1998     Howard Levy       07-21-2003
   Skybolt With A Difference
   George Morse used this aircraft as a test bed for the Oldsmobile engine that powers his Prowler
  Sport Pilot & Ultralights     05/1997     Norm Goyer       08-08-2003
   Beyond the Super Skybolt
   The author and his partner finish a great airplane project and prepare it for the airshow circuit.
  Kitplanes     11/1995     Randy Harris       01-14-2004
   Finding a Skybolt at Rainbow's End
   James Kirby's Skybolt is an aerobatic pilot's Pot o' Gold.
  Kitplanes     11/1995     Howard Levy       01-14-2004
   Steen Aero Lab and the Skybolt
   A Study in Longevity
  Sport Aviation     07/1994     Budd Davisson       11-06-2006
   A Bolt in the Blue
   The Steen Skybolt is as popular as ever, according to this survey.
  Kitplanes     07/1992     Don Downie       07-21-2003
   Storm Warning: Meet the Super Skybolt
   A Marriage Of Steen And Pitts For Two
  Homebuilt Aircraft     11/1980     Don Dwiggins       07-21-2003
   Aerobatic Skybolt
   This beautifully finished Steen Skybolt is one of the homebuilt stars of the Northwest
  Sport Flying     08/1979     Michael O'Leary       08-08-2003
   The Agony and the Ecstasy
   Jack Hamblin's Skybolt Project
  Sport Aviation     06/1979     Jack Hamblin       09-23-2004
   Steen's Bi-Wing Super Bird
   We Fly The Skybolt
  Sport Flying     10/1977     Budd Davisson       11-06-2006
   An Aerobatic Pilot's Report On LaMar Steen's 'Skybolt'     Sport Aviation     07/1972     John Gosney       07-30-2003
   The Pitts Special
   Return of a Legendary Standard
  Sport Aviation     01/1999     Budd Davisson       11-06-2006
   Happy Birthday, Curtis!     Sport Aviation     12/1990     H.G. Frautschy       07-21-2003
   Thank You, Mr. Pitts (Part 2 of 2)
   Continued from May 1973
  Sport Aviation     06/1973     Tom Poberezny       01-13-2004
   Thank You, Mr. Pitts (Part 1 of 2)     Sport Aviation     05/1973     Tom Poberezny       01-13-2004
   Cover Photo - Pitts Special 'Mr. Midnight' N7021     Sport Aviation     07/1969             02-28-2006
   'Old-Timey' Flying Helps FAAer Fulfill Promise to a Buddy     FAA Intercom     09/2001             07-22-2004
   The Knight Twister     Unknown magazine     ?? 19??     John W. Underwood       01-23-2004
   Knight Twister - Hale Wallace's Baby Biplane Bullet     Sport Aviation     10/1999     Budd Davisson       11-06-2006
   Knight Twister - First Flight
   Gilbert/Parker Franklin-Powered Knight Twister 'Tiny Tiger'
  Experimenter     07/1993     Bob Gilbert EAA 4900       01-13-2004
   Vernon Payne's History of the Knight Twister
   Written in answer to Pete Bower's write-up in [Western] Sport Flyer, March 1985
  Vernon Payne     05/1985     Vernon W. Payne       07-19-2003
   Aircraft of the EAA Air Museum Collection Prototype
  Sport Aviation     05/1981     Fred B. Kacena       12-16-2003
   Knight Twister Chutzpah
   Rare aircraft in EAA Museum
  Sport Aviation     01/1980             12-16-2003
   Twister's Sisters
   A Pictorial Collection of Knight Twisters, Now and Then
  Homebuilt Aircraft (Air Trails)     Summer 1971     Staff        07-21-2003
   How Does A 100-Hour Pilot Fly A Knight Twister? Very Carefully!     Sport Aviation     09/1971     Robert M. Uebel       01-08-2004
   Knight Twister 'Imperial'     Sport Aviation     06/1971     C.D. 'Don' Fairbanks       07-21-2003
   The Colonel's Pretty Prairie Special
   Back in the thirties it wasn't uncommon to name airplanes after cities -- like Oshkosh and Los Angel...
  Homebuilt Aircraft (Air Progress)     Summer 1968     Staff        07-11-2003
   Parsons Knight 'Twister'     Sport Aviation     05/1964     Wayne Streeter       01-07-2004
   What Owners Say... Knight Twister     Sport Aviation     04/1964             01-07-2004
   A Knight Twister Flight Report     Sport Aviation     09/1963     Gus A. Limbach       01-06-2004
   Accident Corner
   Report on Crash of Redfern Knight Twister (Described in Jan. 56 Experimenter)
  Sport Aviation (Experimenter)     01 (?) 1958 (?)             01-13-2004
   The Sablar Special     Sport Aviation (Experimenter)     02/1958     Tony Sablar       01-13-2004
   Straight Wing Knight Twister     Sport Aviation (Experimenter)     01/1956             01-13-2004
   High Powered 'Knight Twister'     Sport Aviation (Experimenter)     01/1955     Leo J. Kohn       01-13-2004
   High In Popularity     Experimenter     12/1953     Leo J. Kohn       01-02-2004
   Knight Twister Junior
   Designed by Vernon W. Payne
  Air Trails     07/1949     Air Trails Staff       12-17-2003
   Payne Knight Twister     Air Trails     June or July 1938             12-16-2003
   The New Knight Twister
   Here it is, fellows! It's your old Knight Twister of three years ago but it's all dressed up now, pe...
  Popular Aviation     10/1937     Vernon W. Payne       12-17-2003
   The 'Knight-Twister' Flies
   P.A. feels a great interest in the performance of this vest-pocket pursuit ship because it is the ou...
  Popular Aviation     Probably 1934     Vernon W. Payne       12-17-2003
   More About the Knight Twister
   Here are the final details of that interesting little biplane called the 'Knight Twister.' As soon a...
  Popular Aviation     03/1934     Vernon W. Payne       12-17-2003
   Determining the C. G. Location
   Here, Mr. Payne answers an oft repeated request. He shows how to calculate the location of the cente...
  Popular Aviation     02/1934     Vernon W. Payne       12-17-2003
   Details of Knight-Twister Wing
   In response to many requests from our readers, we show the details of the wing structure employed wi...
  Popular Aviation     01/1934     Vernon W. Payne       12-17-2003
   Details of the Knight-Twister
   The fuselage details of the 'vest-pocket pursuit ship' are given here in response to many requests f...
  Popular Aviation     11/1933     Vernon W. Payne       12-17-2003
   Designing a Lightplane
   New ideas are incorporated in this tiny biplane which should appeal to the lightplane fan, and the a...
  Popular Aviation     07/1933     Vernon W. Payne       12-17-2003
   The Knight Twister
   Control-Line (CL) Model Plans
  American Aircraft Modeler     March/April 1968     J. Triggs       12-17-2003
   Flying High
   Air show at Blackwell Field today to honor aerobatics design pioneer
  Dothan Eagle (Alabama)     11/04/ 2003     Faith Ford       11-11-2003
   Steen Aero Lab
   New millennium technology meets the biplane
  Sport Aviation     08/2002     Budd Davisson       11-06-2006
   EAA Honors Sport Aviation's Greats
   EAA and NAFI Halls of Fame induct new members
  Sport Aviation     12/1998             08-08-2003
   Pioneer Designers
   Perspectives On The Homebuilt Movement
  Sport Aviation     03/1988     David A. Gustafson       07-21-2003
   Boom in Two-Place Baby Biplanes     Private Pilot     08/1973     Dennis Shattuck       07-21-2003
   Gimme an Open Two-Seater Every Time     Private Pilot     08/1973     Byron G. Wels       07-21-2003
   Steen Aero Lab / Hoffmann Ad - 1998     Sport Aviation     12/1998             07-16-2003
   Steen Aero Lab Ads - 1998     Sport Aviation     06/1998             07-23-2003
   Starfire Ad (Firebolt) - 1994     Kitplanes     06/1994             07-23-2003
   Steen Aero Lab Ad - 1990     Sport Aviation     05/1990             07-23-2003
   Steen Aero Lab Ad - 1979     Sport Flying     08/1979             07-23-2003
   Steen Aero Lab Ad - 1973     Private Pilot     08/1973             07-23-2003
   EAA Sport Flying No. 20
   Formerly Sport Aviation Video No. 821, originally aired on the SpeedVision network
      , No. 20             01-06-2006

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