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Aircraft Products
ColorEyes HDL-3C Performance Sunglasses - Choose Your Style

VedaloHD HDL-3C Logo VedaloHD HDL-3CTM Performance Sunglasses are simply the best sunglasses available for pilots. Not only do they offer amazing performance, but they are stylish as well. We have a variety of tints and styles to choose from, all of which are popular with pilots.

Once you choose your style below, just jump over to our Secure Online Store and you'll be wearing them in no time!

Choose Your Tint:

VedaloHD lenses come in three different shades, all incorporating HDL-3C technology... pick the one that's best for you (please note that due to differences between computer monitors, we cannot make the representative colors shown below "exactly" match what the lenses look like in real life!)

Copper-Rose: Smoke (Gray): Green:
Copper-Rose Sunglasses (Azzurro style) Smoke Gray Sunglasses (Azzurro style) Green Sunglasses (Azzurro style)
Copper-Rose is preferred by many pilots because it keeps the glare out above the clouds, aids in cloud definition, and helps with reading instrumentation inside the cloud deck. Also preferred by many golfers, skiers, baseball players, drivers and those who demand high visual performance in all light conditions they encounter. Also good in low light conditions and for those who enjoy a lighter hue every day. Smoke lenses are great for use in bright light conditions, and are preferred by those who are often in direct sunlight or who are sensitive to bright light. Pilots in the Southwest and other areas with direct sunshine most of the time often prefer this lens, which is the darkest shade of HDL-3C technology lenses. Great for everyday use, green lenses are enjoyed by pilots, drivers, hikers, sport spectators, and general sunglass wearers who want to experience extreme visual comfort. Green works great in most light conditions.

Choose Your Style:

We carry the following styles, all of which are popular with flyers. All of VedaloHD's high quality Beta Titanium frame are made in Japan and the HDL-3C lenses are made in Italy. All the Titanium-framed models weigh less than 12 grams!

This semi-rimless wraparound style is great for sports. It can protect your eyes while allowing great visual performance.
Aquila Style (Smoke/Gray) Aquila Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens Copper-Rose Lens
This rimless Aviator frame is a must for every pilot and anyone who enjoys the complete coverage an Aviator type frame provides... this look has also become a fashion must-have! Made for maximum headset comfort in the cockpit, with an ultra-light Beta Titanium frame.
Argento Style (Smoke/Gray) Argento Style (Green) Argento Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens with
Gunmetal Frame (22028)
Green Lens with
Black Frame (22027)
Copper-Rose Lens with
Antique Copper Frame (22026)
This best selling shape is a mid-sized frame that looks great on everyone. The Beta Titanium frame is extremely light (under 12 grams) and virtually indestructable!
Azzurro Style (Smoke/Gray) Azzurro Style (Green) Azzurro Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens with
Gunmetal Frame (22004)
Green Lens with
Black Frame (22005)
Copper-Rose Lens with
Antique Copper Frame (22006)
This style features a very fashionable, square wraparound design and cutout templates for superior airflow.
Belluno Style (Smoke/Gray) Belluno Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens Copper-Rose Lens
This aluminum wraparound style is lightweight and very durable. Features a spring temple and rubber insert on the earpiece, this stylish model is sure to please.
Milano Style (Smoke/Gray) Milano Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens Copper-Rose Lens
This rimless square design is ultra-lightweight and features comfortable spring temples. This style looks as great as it feels!
Rapallo Style (Smoke/Gray) Rapallo Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens Copper-Rose Lens
This very fashionable frame has a great look and is still very functional. This is the smallest Beta Titanium frame. It looks great on both men and women, and is perfect for individuals with round, oval or triangular face shapes.
Rosso Style (Smoke/Gray) Rosso Style (Green) Rosso Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens with
Gunmetal Frame (22001)
Green Lens with
Black Frame (22002)
Copper-Rose Lens with
Antique Copper Frame (22003)
The Titanio is the only Beta Titanium Style on the market with a folding temple. It has a super light (yet virtually indestructable) frame which can fold up to go into your pocket or visor (try to always put sunglasses back in their case). The Titanio is a rimless oblong square lens that looks great on most face types.
Titanio Style (Smoke/Gray) Titanio Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens with
Gunmetal Titanium Frame (22031)
Copper-Rose Lens with
Copper Titanium Frame (22030)
This updated aviator style features an 8 base lens design, tort tipped temples and a new spring temple design for superior comfort and durability.
Vasto Style (Smoke/Gray) Vasto Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens Copper-Rose Lens
Make sporting events such as golfing and baseball effortless with the complete coverage the sporty Verde frame offers... the total coverage is great for sports and activities where peripheral vision is important. This frame looks great on large faces. Like the other beta-titanium frames, the Verde weighs less than 12 grams so you don't even realize they're on!
Verde Style (Smoke/Gray) Verde Style (Green) Verde Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens with
Gunmetal Titanium Frame (22007)
Green Lens with
Black Frame (22008)
Copper-Rose Lens with
Antique Copper Frame (22009)
This rectangular style with plastic center connector and ear pieces is very lightweight. Features rubber nose pieces, and is great for all face sizes.
Verona Style (Smoke/Gray) Verona Style (Copper-Rose)
Smoke (Gray) Lens Copper-Rose Lens

Ready to Buy?

Once you choose the style you want, you may purchase your VedaloHD HDL-3C Sunglasses from Steen Aero Lab's Secure Online Store at a significant discount from the retail price.


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