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I know where I am to within about eight wingspans on the surface of the planet, and I can talk to anybody, so how much more do I need?
(Ken Scott, on keeping your homebuilt simple [Smithsonian Air & Space])
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Aircraft Products
ColorEyes HDL-3C Performance Sunglasses - FAA Report

Beware the Hun In The Sun!
If VedaloHD HDL-3C sunglasses had been around during The Great War, perhaps some of the most famous aces of the time wouldn't have been able to have been quite so successful?

FAA Recommendations on Wearing Sunglasses to Avoid Aviation Accidents

Fortunately, sunglasses can be quantitatively measured and compared in the context of aviation requirements. Without hard facts, all the claims in the world are just opinions. There are many fine brands of sunglasses out there suitable for flying, but we truly believe that these are the best... here's why:

The FAA has published a report on the topic of sunglasses for aviators: "Natural Sunlight and It's Association to Aviation Accidents: Frequency and Prevention" (DOT/FAA/AM-30/6)

This FAA report states the following: "Glare from natural sunlight can be visually debilitating and lead to operational error that can result in mishaps. In some cases, use of appropriate sunglasses would have minimized the effects of glare on vision performance. However, when using sunglasses there should be a proper balance between visibility of objects inside and outside of the cockpit environment."

It was with these FAA guidelines in mind that VedaloHD (then known as Performance Optics, Inc.) set out to develop their HDL-3C technology.

The FAA Report says that pilots should use sunglasses which:
  • Include lenses "that are free from distortions and imperfections."

    The HDL-3C lens is the highest quality lens on the market, made by Intercast Europe of Italy -- the world leader in crafting the finest optical lenses. HDL-3C lenses cost 6 to 15 times more to produce than other high-end conventional sunglass lenses due to the innovative science built directly into the lens itself and the quality optics of this lens. This lens is also de-centered, which eliminates distortion found in other lenses.

  • Use lenses that "have adequate transmissivity (approx 15% transmission.)"

    In other words, they have to let enough light through. HDL-3C lenses block glare and allow ample light transmission due to their increased chromatic contrast. Because of the increase in visual acuity with this unique technology, VedaloHD HDL-3C sunglasses have more ability to cut glare (they have less transmittance) while still allowing your eyes to see better than many lenses which let in much more light. Our Copper-Rose HDL-3C lens has a 13% light transmittance, yet it is fantastic to wear inside the cloud deck while reading all instrumentation - no need to flip up anymore! Our smoke gray lens has a 12% light transmittance, yet allows pilots to read all instruments in the sunlight.

  • Use lenses that "do not that do not alter color perception (e.g., neutral gray.)"

    Red Yellow Green Blue
    HDL-3C Lens 1.54 0.96 1.04 1.59
    Premium Smoke Lens 0.98 0.96 1.04 1.26
    Driving/Flying Premium Lens 1.42 1.27 0.83 0.85
    Blue Blocker Lens 1.99 1.61 0.60 0.61

    This is exactly what HDL-3C lens technology is all about! ALL other conventional lenses resort to tinting their lenses to enhance one of the colors in the spectrum - but that directly results in the reduction of color sensitivity on the other side of the color spectrum! For example, the leading aviation brown-copper lens gives our eyes a coefficient of 1.42 in the red spectrum (1 = naked eye, anything above 1 gives better visibility in that spectrum area, while below 1 means reduced visibility) but has a coefficient in the green of .83 and of .85 in the blue. The FAA recommends the conventional premium gray lens because it has a more even coefficient - .98 in red, 1.04 in green and 1.26 in blue. The innovative HDL-3C lens allows all color sensitivity to improve, with a coefficient of 1.54 in red, 1.04 in green and 1.59 in blue! It's like a plasma high definition filter for your eyes!

  • "The use of larger lens sizes and wrap-around frames can prevent sunlight from entering peripherally and affecting the pilot's vision."

    All VedaloHD sunglasses offer an 8 base design. This means that they all offer the most complete wrap-around protection available, and there are large aviator styles (such as the Argento) that are excellent for looking down to read your instrumentation.

  • "The use of polarized sunglasses should be discouraged, since they can reduce or effectively eliminate the visibility of instruments that incorporate anti-glare filters or can interfere with visibility through an aircraft windscreen due to striations in some laminated materials."

    Polarized sunglasses can also mask the sparkle of light that reflects off shiny surfaces - such as another aircraft's wings, fuselage, or windscreen. This could reduce your reaction time in a "see and avoid" traffic situation. HDL-3C lenses are non-polarized for this reason.

As you can see, many factors affect the suitability of sunglasses for flying. VedaloHD HDL-3C are uniquely designed to meet and exceed all the FAA's recommendations... nothing else can match these lenses for performance!


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