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The aeroplane is the nearest thing to animate life that man has created. In the air a machine ceases indeed to be a mere piece of mechanism; it becomes animate and is capable not only of primary guidance and control, but actually of expressing a pilot's temperament.
(Sir Ross Smith, K.B.E.)
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Request For Propeller Quote - Submit Information

Updated: Tuesday 9/23/2020 1:00PM EDT

Due to upstream technical issues, the propeller quote form appearing on this page is not working properly.

For the time being, please don't use this form. Instead, email us directly at, or we may not receive your inquiry.

The form shows the data we need in order to properly generate a quote, so please use it as a guide for what to include in your email.

Form submissions completed before this message was posted have been received, and will be answered ASAP.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and will re-activate the propeller quote forms once the issues are ironed out. Thank you!

The Steen Aero Lab Team

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Note: This form has been temporarily disabled. Please contact us via email for assistance. If you need a quote on a propeller, please use the questions below as a guide as to what info to email us so we can generate your quote.

     Please complete the form below as completely as possible. If you do not know the exact answer to a question, please provide a reasonable estimate if possible. The more accurate the information you provide is, the easier it will be to recommend the most suitable prop for your needs.

Fields that appear in RED are required (this data must be filled out before the form can be accepted.)

Full Name:  
Mailing Address:  
Street 1:  
Street 2:  
State / Province:  
ZIP / Postal Code:  
Valid Email Address:   You are not required to provide an Email Address, but it is highly recommended. We will email a copy of this propeller quote request to you at this address.

Phone Number:  
Format: 123-456-7890
Type of Aircraft:  
Class of Aircraft:    Fixed-Wing, Single-Engine Airplane
 Fixed-Wing, Multi-Engine Airplane
 Other - Please Describe 
Data Source:   The aircraft performance data was determined in the following manner:
 Flight tests on this aircraft
 Calculated from design parameters
 Estimated based on other similar aircraft
Maximum Speed:   Speed in level flight, at maximum continuous power:
At Sea Level:   Speed (TAS):   mph kts at rpm
At Altitude:   Speed (TAS):   mph kts at  rpm
Altitude (MSL):   ft m
Maximum Structural Cruising Speed:     mph kts
Never Exceed Speed:
    mph kts
Best Rate of Climb:     ft/min m/min at    mph kts
Empty Weight:     lb kg
Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight:     lb kg
Wing Area:     ft2 m2
Engine Type:  
Engine Configuration:  
 Flat/Opposed 4-Stroke (Modern Lycoming/Continental, Superior, etc.)
 2-Stroke (Rotax, etc.)
 V-Opposed (Merlin, etc.)
 Inline (Ranger, etc.)
 Radial (P&W, Wright, etc.)
   Rotary (Wankel Type - Mazda, etc.)
 Rotary (WW1 Type - Le Rhone, etc.)
 Other - Please Describe 
Number of Cylinders:  
Gear Ratio:    (If Applicable)
Takeoff Power:    hp at  rpm
Max. Continuous Power:    hp at  rpm
RPM Restrictions:   If your engine has any restrictions on operation at certain RPM settings, please list them.
Type of Usage:   Please describe the approximate percentage of time spent in each of the following flight modes:

    Never   Occasionally   Frequently   Very Often   Always
    0-5 %   5-25 %   25-75 %   75-90 %   90-100 %
 Cruising Flight:          
 Slow Flight:          
 Short-Field Takeoffs:          
 Water Takeoffs:          
 Other - Please Describe 

Propeller Type:  
Propeller Configuration:  
   Constant-Speed (Electric)
 Constant-Speed (Hydraulic)
Feather / Reverse:   Check all that apply:
Thrust Direction:    Tractor
Number of Blades:  
 2 Blades
 3 Blades
 4 Blades
   5 Blades
 6 Blades
Propeller Diameter:     in cm
Propeller Pitch:  
If Fixed Pitch:     in cm
If Variable-Pitch:  
Max. Pitch:     in cm
Min. Pitch:     in cm
Propeller Construction:  
   Wood Composite
 Fully Composite
Static RPM:   Full-throttle RPM while aircraft remains stationary on ground:
Propeller Suitability:   To help the factory fully understand what you are looking for in a propeller, please briefly describe this prop's strengths, weaknesses, and general suitability for your application:
Propeller Configuration:   What type of propeller do you want?
   Constant-Speed (Electric)
 Constant-Speed (Hydraulic)
Feather / Reverse:   Check the features that you need:
Prop Optimization:   I want a propeller that's primarily optimized for:
 All-Round Performance
 Climb Performance
 Cruise Performance
Noise Reduction:   How important is it to you for your propeller to be as quiet as possible? (As heard by someone on the ground)
 Extremely Important
 Somewhat Important
 Not Very Important
 Not Important At All
Thrust Direction:    Tractor
Rotation Direction:   Describe the direction of propeller rotation, as seen when looking towards the direction of flight - i.e. looking at the aircraft from the rear. (Most aircraft propellers turn Clockwise when seen from the rear.)
 Right-Hand (Clockwise)
 Left-Hand (Counter-Clockwise)
 Both (Multi-Engine Only)
Max. Diameter:   What is the maximum allowable diameter for your propeller? (Most aircraft should have at least 9 in [23 cm] of ground clearance between the prop tip and the ground. Be sure to account for compressed landing gear struts, reasonable amounts of over-rotation in a taildragger, etc.)
  in cm
Number of Blades Desired:  
 2 Blades
 3 Blades
 4 Blades
   5 Blades
 6 Blades
 Any Number / No Preference
Hub / Engine Flange:   Type:
Hub Bolts:  
Number of Bolts:  
Size/Type of Bolts:  
Flange Notes:   If the flange is a non-standard design, please describe it thoroughly. You may also wish to fax a sketch to us at (321) 725-3058.
Additional / Custom Items:   The following items will automatically be included in your quote as separate, optional line items:
  • Spinner
  • Prop Governor (CS Props only)

The following standard propeller colors are available at no additional charge:

  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Yellow
The following custom items can be quoted as well - please indicate in the notes section below if you would like us to add any of these features to your quote:

  • Custom colors
  • Protective painting of internal parts (for seaplanes and similar applications)
  • Chrome finish on spinner
Other Notes:   Please tell us anything else that you feel we should know about your propeller needs.
    Please carefully review your information before submission, as your quote (and, if we proceed with ordering a prop, your propeller's design characteristics) are based entirely upon the information that you provide above.

Thank you!





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