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GCA Controller: "Speedbird 573, you are on glidepath, and left of centerline." BA captain: "Of course I'm left of centerline. My First Officer is right of centerline."
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  Our Aircraft:
    Steen Skybolt
Pitts Model 14
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Knight Twister


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Aircraft Products
Made by Steen Aero Lab

This list is just a tiny sampling of some of our manufactured products. As our web site grows, watch this area for descriptive text and great photos of our offerings.


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    Bruntons Flying Wires
       About Bruntons
    MT Propellers - Hoffmann Propellers
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      Vendenyev M14 Radial Engines
    Laminated Wing Spars
    Laminated Wing Leading Edges
    Motor Mounts
    Three-Section Wings
    Wing Kits & Wing Jigs
      ColorEyes HDL-3C Sunglasses
       FAA Report
    Piloti Shoes

    Polo Shirt w/ Steen Logo (With Pocket)
    Pitts S1 Drag / Anti-Drag Wire Blocks
    Skybolt Wing Aileron Rear Hinges (Lower Aileron Inboard / Slave Strut)
    Book - 'Aviation History' by Anne Millbrooke
    Pitts S1-SS Wing Aileron Slave Strut Bracket
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    Andreas Kranz's German Skybolt
    Click to view: Andreas Kranz, Steen's representative for Germany and Europe, built a truly beautiful Skybolt.
    Andreas Kranz, Steen's representative for Germany and Europe, built a truly beautiful Skybolt.

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