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Flying Wires - About Bruntons Aero Products

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Bruntons, established in Scotland in 1876, is the world leader in the unique art of making streamlined and round aircraft tie rods (aka brace wires) and has been developing this art since 1909 when they first developed the technology for the then-emerging aeronautical industry. Then known as "lenticular" tie-rods, they didn't actually go into production until the Royal Air Force needed them in 1917 - by then, they were known as both "streamlined" and "fishback" wires.

A member of the Carclo Engineering Group, Bruntons has recently invested £1 million in new production facilities in Musselburgh, Scotland, specializing in the manufacture of high quality precision machine components for the commercial and aerospace industries. Bruntons has earned an enviable reputation over many years for the quality of both their products and service by blending specialized technological ability with a flexible, dedicated, and highly skilled workforce.

Bruntons supplies components, fittings and assemblies for a wide variety of aircraft applications - ranging from runway arrestor cables to turnbuckles to nuts and bolts. Bruntons products are used in many military and civilian aircraft - including such diverse aircraft as the Eurofighter, Concorde, Tucano, Westland Sea King helicopter, T-45 Goshawk, BAe RJ 100, and of course many antique and modern private aircraft such as the Pitts Special, Steen Skybolt, and DeHavilland Tiger Moth. Many wires are also used for seaplane float bracing, and they even supply wires for Formula 1 race cars.


Bruntons quality is respected around the world. Some of Bruntons Aero Products current quality approvals include:

  • C.A.A., ISO9002 M.o.D
  • British Aerospace (Civil & Military)
  • Rolls Royce
  • Airbus Deutschland GmbH
  • GKN Westland Group
  • Raytheon Aircraft Company
  • Bombardier Short Brothers

For more information about Bruntons Aero Products Ltd. and the other things they do, check out their website:

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