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Vendenyev M14P / M14PF Radial Engine Information

The M14P-XDX Engine

GeSoCo Industries in Swanton, Vermont is the primary importer of the M14P & PF radial engines which power the Pitts Model 14 and Skybolt R. This engine series is available in two basic versions: the 360 horsepower M14P and the 400 horsepower M14PF. Both of these engines are completely suitable for either the Skybolt R and Pitts Model 14, though we do recommend the 400 HP version (M14PF) to realize the maximum performance potential of these airframes. This Russian-designed engine has a long track record (30+ years) of rugged reliability. Some basic features of the M14P/M14PF engines include:

  • 360 or 400 Horsepower
  • Reliable - 30+ years experience
  • Proven Design - Sukhoi/Yakolev
  • Light weight - only 485 lbs.
  • 1500 Hr. TBO
  • Fully Inverted Oil & Fuel Systems
  • 100 Hr. Warranty
  • Western Propeller Flange
  • Low Cost per HP
  • Extensive component commonality between versions
The Russian M14P engine series has powered the Russian piston fleet of military training and aerobatic aircraft for over 30 years. These aircraft include the Yakolev Yak-50, 52, 55 and Yak-12. Many world aerobatic championships have been won by M14P-powered airplanes, the Sukhoi Su-26, Su-29, and Su-31.

What's the Difference between the M14P and the M14PF?

The 400 horsepower "PF" engine is a slightly modified version of the standard 360 horsepower "P" engine. The power boost comes from a taller supercharger gear ratio which is used to produce a mildly higher manifold pressure. This was done without sacrificing the number of rotary seals in the supercharger case, as in other configurations. Other than the supercharging system, the engines are basically identical. The TBO of 1,500 hours is the same for both engine versions.

The standard versions available from GeSoCo are the M14P-XDK and the M14PF-XDK. The X designation means that it is equipped with a standard SAE six-bolt propeller flange, which allows you to bolt on an MT, Hoffmann, Whirlwind, or new Hartzell all-metal prop without needing an adapter. The DK designation means that it has the dress kit installed (this is a standard feature.) The dress kit includes paint on the nose case and the front half of the main case as well as nickel/chrome plating on the pushrod tubes, the rocker box cover hold-down hardware, and other hardware and fasteners.

The -XDK engines come standard with Champion REL 37B spark plugs and have American-made 5-mm silicone ignition wire installed. The engines also include all accessories, including the mounting ring. Each engine comes with a log book showing its individual test stand data, a tool kit with the specialty tools to maintain the engine, a spare parts kit with essential spares for long-term operation (such as replacement gaskets), and a set of maintenance and parts manuals. All new engines come with a one year/100 hour warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

The standard M14P/M14PF engines come with a proven and reliable air start system, but electric start is now an option. It replaces the standard air start system and eliminates the need for air systems. Other options include vacuum pump drives and alternators.


Specifications for both versions are identical, except where noted.

Designation M14P-XDK
Engine Type 9 cylinder, geared, air-cooled radial
Rated Power M14P: 360 HP @ 2,950 RPM
M14PF: 400 HP @ 2,950 RPM
Dry weight 485 lbs.
TBO 1500 hours
Intended Usage Designed for reliability, well-suited for use in advanced aerobatic aircraft
Diameter 38-3/4 in.
Length 36-3/8 in.
Displacement 621 cu. in.
Bore 4-1/8 in.
Stroke 5-1/8 inch
Prop gear ratio 0.658:1
Prop RPM 1,941 @ Crank RPM 2,950
Governor R-2 Series 4
Mounting Standard six-bolt SAE flange

Carburetor Pressure with automatic lean
Supercharger Integral centrifugal (different versions for M14P and M14PF)
Boost M14P: 36 in.
M14PF: 41 in.
Compression ratio 6.3:1
Spark Plugs Champion REL 37B
Starter Compressed air (electric optional)
Other Electric metal chip detector
Electric Start 12V or 24V option (replaces air start system)
Alternator Skytronics 50A alternator (12V or 24V)
B&C 35A alternator (12V or 24V)
Vacuum System Vacuum Pump Adapter (pump not included)
Exhaust System Yak-52 Style

Two magnetos
Pressure carburetor
Propeller governor
Fuel pump
Fluid fitting set
(specify U.S./Russian fittings)
Air start system
Air compressor
Champion REL 37B spark plugs
5mm silicone ignition wire
Engine mounting ring
w/ rubber shock mounts
Tool kit
Spare parts kit
Parts manual
Maintenance manual
Log books w/ test stand data
1 year/100 hour warranty

M14P and M14PF engines are built at the Aeromotors factory in Romania, which is the privatized division of Aerostar. This facility has been building these engines as well as their cousins - the M-14V26 helicopter engine and the M14D 220hp radial - since 1986. They have produced over 3,500 engines to date and are a fully qualified ISO-certified facility focused on producing high quality radial engines. They meet the Romanian airworthiness production quality standards, which are accepted by the FAA under a bilateral agreement. Aeromotors is the largest volume producer of radial aircraft engines in the world today.

Be sure to check out the Pitts Model 14 Construction Photo Gallery for more photos and diagrams of the M14P engines that power the Pitts Model 14.

Please contact us for more information about obtaining an M14P series engine.


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