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Pitts S1
Flight Videos

Steen Aero Lab's own Barrett Brummett owns a Pitts S1-C with some interesting features... one of which is a unique smoke system that can produce pulsing smoke. Here are some great videos of Barrett showing what the S1 can do. There are three videos available, in a variety of formats. (NOTE: The Windows Media [.WMV] versions are recommended, due to the fact that these were the original source files from which the others were derived and thus have greater clarity.)

Screen capture from the Inverted Spin video Screen capture from the Rolling Turns video Screen capture from the Avalanche video
Inverted Spin Rolling Turn & Tumbles Tumbles & Avalanche

  Video Format File Type File Link   File Size   Time  
  Windows Media   .WMV File   Inverted Spin   3.55 MB   1:28  
Rolling Turn/Tumbles   2.56 MB   1:04  
Tumbles/Avalanche   2.54 MB   1:03  
  AVI Video   .AVI File   Inverted Spin   13.2 MB   1:28  
Rolling Turn/Tumbles   9.83 MB   1:04  
Tumbles/Avalanche   9.74 MB   1:03  
  MPEG-1   .MPEG File   Inverted Spin   16.1 MB   1:28  
Rolling Turn/Tumbles   11.3 MB   1:04  
Tumbles/Avalanche   12.2 MB   1:03  
  NOTES:   Files not playing smoothly? If the file isn't playing smoothly when you click on the links above (this is usually due to your connection speed) then you should download the entire video to your computer's hard drive before playing it. Right-click on one of the links above, then select "Save Target As..." and select a folder to save it to. After the file finishes downloading, open that folder and double-click on the file to play it.  

We would like to thank Barrett Brummett for making this footage available!


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    First Flight Video
    Memorial to Curtis Pitts (1915-2005)

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