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My airplane is quiet, and for a moment still an alien, still a stranger to the ground, I am home.
(Richard Bach)
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Read The Pitts Model 14 Project Log!
We have some great new content in answer the question we hear all the time: "Hey guys, how's the Model 14 coming along? Can you send me some photos of the prototype?" We have finally had a chance to compile a ton of photos and narrative that chronicles the continuing progress of the Pitts Model 14 project - it's documented all the way from day one through the current status. We aim to provide new updates on a monthly basis. Interest in the Model 14 is intense and we're very excited about the progress.

Check it out on our Project Logs page!

Pitts 14 Logo
Pitts Model 14

The new Pitts Model 14

Steen Aero Lab is proud to announce the latest addition to the long line of aerobatic aircraft from master designer Curtis Pitts... the innovative Pitts Model 14, a leading-edge two-place aerobatic biplane designed around the 400 HP Vendenyev M14PF nine-cylinder radial.

Pitts Model 14

The Pitts Model 14 The late Curtis Pitts spent over sixty years of his life designing aerobatic biplanes, and his Model 14 continues this grand legacy. Starting with a clean sheet, the design is 100% Curtis, and it incorporates innovative new architecture that he had been working on for some time. (Model 14 History)

The wingspan is very short at 21.5 feet, yet the wing area is greater than a Skybolt. The short wingspan will allow high roll rates without massive three-hinge ailerons. With the addition of extended ailerons, the roll rate will be spectacular.

The wing architecture is elegant. Unlike the Skybolt and earlier Pitts designs, the brace wire loads are kept in a single plane between the interplane struts. Elegant in-line simplicity of structure, low weight, ease of construction, and great strength are the advantages.

Two airfoils will be offered - NACA 23012 and a fully symmetrical SS type. The prototype is being built using the semi-symmetrical 23012 airfoil which was used by Leo Loudenslager in the design of the Laser. The rate of climb, fuel efficiency and approach speeds are all superior to a fully symmetrical wing section, and Curtis felt that any performance penalty in outside maneuvers will be negligible.

Pitts Samson vs Pitts Model 14
Samson Model 14
Power (hp) 450 400
Empty Weight (lb) 1900 1500
Gross Weight (lb) 2617 2250
Airshow Weight (lb) 2307 1871
Max Aerobatic Weight (lb) No Record 2000
Wing Area (sq ft) 185 157
Aspect Ratio 5.76 5.73
Wing Loading - Gross wt. (lb/sq ft) 14.14 14.33
Wing Loading - Airshow wt. (lb/sq ft) 12.47 11.91
Power Loading - Gross wt. (lb/hp) 5.86 5.63
Power Loading - Airshow wt. (lb/hp) 5.12 4.68
Data courtesy Curtis Pitts
Provisions have been made in the design to allow choices in some performance and esthetic features. The airplane will be an ideal platform for the serious airshow performer, offering two choices of airfoils and a straight or swept upper wing. A large smoke-oil pillow tank is hidden in the belly pan and features outboard filling. The tail feathers are completely removable in the field, and the shape may be altered to suit the builder. We plan to offer several profiles including a classic Samson style.

Plans Availability

The Model 14 prototype is currently under construction. We will begin offering plans and components after the prototype flies. Pitts 14 Info-Packs are now available in our Online Store.

Parts Availability

Flatwork parts, fuse and tail feather jigs and pre-formed tubing kits will be available after the prototype flies. Both tacked and finish-welded fuselages will be available, as will a wide variety of wing kits and most other components.


Pitts 14 Logo

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